Why The Fans Are Wrong

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.

– Sherlock Holmes

Being an avid consumer of movies and games, I have occasionally come across one or two fan theories concerning movies and games I may be fond of.

And being the nitpicky obsessive person that I am, I find myself not always agreeing with those theories, for various reasons. In order to avoid the otherwise inevitable mental scarring or nervous breakdowns from the more stupid examples, I present Why The Fans Are Wrong.

Here, I dissect, analyze and disprove fan theories that I find do not add up. Theories that (like so many other things) offend me on a rational level, to the point of irrational anger. I will not talk about all fan theories in existence, of course. Just ones that interest me and might particularly annoy me.

To assist me in this endeavor, I am joined by Dave, my personal Devil’s Advocate, who provides the arguments raised by fans in defense of these theories.

Now, of course there might be people who really enjoy fan theories, and they may well argue I’m just being grumpy and narrow minded and want to spoil other people’s fun…

But the simple fact is: If you actually subscribe to any of the fan theories I mention on this page, you are wrong, because these theories are stupid, and I promise you, I will explain to you exactly why.

A Guide to Fan Theories 

A (Second) Guide to Fan Theories


Aladdin (Pt. 2)


Batman (Pt 2)

Batman (Pt. 3)


Blade Runner


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Dark Knight, The

Disney Triple Feature

Doctor Who (Sort of)

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Frozen (Pt. 2)

Frozen (Pt. 3)


Frozen/The Shining

Harry Potter

Harry Potter (Pt. 2)

Harry Potter (Pt. 3)

Harry Potter (Pt. 4)

Harry Potter (Pt. 5)

Harry Potter (Pt. 6)

Home Alone

Home Alone (Pt. 2)

How I Met Your Mother


James Bond

Burton Theory, The

Killing Joke, The

Lion King, The

Lion King, The (Pt. 2)

Little Mermaid, The

Mad Max

Majora’s Mask

Matrix, The

Peter Pan

Peter Pan (Pt. 2)

Pinky and the Brain

Portal 2

Puff, The Magic Dragon

Pulp Fiction


Santa Claus


Simpsons, The

Star Wars

Thing, The


Toy Story



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