WTFAW: The Simpsons

Well, Another popular holiday has come and gone. I suppose I should write about an appropriate Easter themed subject. The trouble is, I haven’t come across any fan theories about Easter themed movies…


Eh, fuck it. The main characters in The Simpsons are all yellow, and that’s an Easter colour. That’s close enough.

So, Dave. What do you have for me?

Dave: Well, there is a theory that the events of The Simpsons take place in Homers head.

Uh-huh… and what evidence is there for this?

Dave: OK, so in the 1993 episode So It’s Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show, Homer falls into a coma. The theory is that he never woke up, and everything that has happened since then is his comatose dreams. That would account for the changed tone of the show, from fairly mundane plots to mad and crazy stories including Homer going to space and Maggie shooting Mr. Burns.

I see. Is there something else?

Dave: Yeah, in the episode Homer the Heretic, Homer talks to God, and asks what the meaning of life is. God tells him he’ll find out when he dies, and suggests Homer will die in six months. Six months later, Homer falls into the coma!

Aha, I see…

So let’s go over why this doesn’t add up.

First of all, This theory would require Homer to be the main character, right?

Dave: I suppose.

And yet, several episodes do not feature Homer as the main focus, and some episodes barely feature him at all. By your logic, he’d still have to dream it, right? So how then can he be confused about anything that happens, even when he’s not around, if he’s seeing it in his dream?

Then, there’s the fact that the show has evolved and references real life events over the years. If Homer is in a coma, how does he know of any of the events following 1993?

Dave: People in comas might hear what people in the same room are talking about. Maybe he’s hearing news and incorporates them into his dreams?

Yeah? And what about the celebrity cameos in the show? Some, I could understand, like Ray Romano, Stephen Hawking or Alec Baldwin. But Lady Gaga also appears in the show, and Homer somehow not only knows what she sounds like and what she does, but also what she looks like!

How the flying fuck would he possibly know that!?

Dave: uhm…

And then there’s the idea of the show taking on a more madcap tone… As you said yourself, six months before the coma episode, there was Homer the Heretic where Homer talks to God.

Does talking to THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY not count as “slightly out of the ordinary”?

Dave: But that was a dream…

A dream that you claimed predicted that Homer would die six months later! Either that argument doesn’t work, or the tone was already bordering on the ludicrous!

Dave: Well….

Not to mention that in that dream, God claimed Homer would die six months later…. six months later, Homer fell into a coma.


Especially since, by this logic, Homers brain is still very much alive and active!

And as for the crazy plots that would come further down the line, couldn’t that be because presumably, the writers realized “Wait, these are not real people! We don’t have to do mundane stories. We can actually be CREATIVE!

Dave: Ah, but why doesn’t the characters in the show age? Homers brain is just keeping everyone in the age he remembers them in!

Maybe… or maybe it’s because they are… what’s the word… oh right, FUCKING CARTOON CHARACTERS! TWO DIMENSIONAL CONSTRUCTS! They do not age, because time is not a factor! You may as well ask why Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny doesn’t age! They are fictional! Not real!

And of course, there’s the fact that show runner Al Jean actively denounced the theory, claiming that it was “Intriguing but false”.

This is a theory akin to “It was all a dream”, and those are invariably stupid and lazy… You know, I never thought I’d say this, Dave… but you are better than this!

Dave: Yeah, I know. I think I’m coming down with a cold.

Ah, that explains it. I got worried for a moment.

Dave: You did? That… is dangerously close to a warm sentiment, you know?

I know. Don’t get used to it. I feel nauseous enough already…. though that could be all the easter candy I’ve had….


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