The Hobbit (Pt. 2)

Well, here we are again. Just think. When I wrote about about these movies the first time, the third Hobbit movie had not yet been released, I was not plagued by a nitwit spouting stupid fan theories, and Fallout 4 wasn’t advertised everywhere…

Yeah, things have gone a bit downhill since then….

But no matter! Because we’re not talking about something awful or stupid. We’re talking about The Hobbit!

(And no, that’s not sarcasm.)

Now, all three parts have been released, as well as their respective extended editions.

I watched the third movie on release, and much like the two before it, I really liked it. People may complain about the length or the additions to the story, but as I’ve said before, I have no problem with these movies. They were funny, the acting was great, the characters were good and the movie overall was very beautiful.

And with the extended version of the third movie, I got pretty much everything I wanted, with two exceptions.

Radagast didn’t get much of a sendoff, and we never got to see Bilbo dig up the chest in the troll cave on the way home.

But the things I got, which I wanted: I got to hear Bombur speak, Alfrid got his comeuppance in a very fitting display of comedic irony, the scenes shown in an early trailer, with a cart on an icy river were included…

All of this, coupled with the additional scenes I didn’t even know I wanted, has reinforced my belief that the extended versions are the “real” versions.

So with all this, I’d like to address a complaint I’ve come across with these movies, which I not only disagree with, but find absolutely laughable.

See, recently, an article was released where Peter Jackson revealed he was basically improvising throughout the making of the trilogy.

The story goes, that originally Guillermo del Toro was supposed to be the director, but when he left the project, Jackson was put in the directors chair.

However, Jackson did not have the same preparation time he had when making The Lord of The Rings, where he had years to plan how to do it. This meant that he had to wing it.

Jackson himself was quoted as saying “I didn’t know what the hell I was doing” in an interview.

Now, the thing that really confuses me about this revelation isn’t the details surrounding it, or even the revelation itself.

Rather, it’s the public reaction to it, with people using it to justify denouncing the Hobbit, or Peter Jackson as a director.

Ex-fucking-scuse me?!

Maybe I’ve missed something, but if Peter Jackson was improvising when he made the Hobbit, if all of it is just him winging it, people should not moan and complain.


Because the Hobbit trilogy is not, nor has it ever been, a bad movie series. Is it as good as the Lord of the Rings? Well, no, because The Lord of the Rings was a bona fide fantasy epic, spanning three books, whereas The Hobbit was one novel, written for children.

Is it as good as it could have been? Probably not. A project given the proper preparation will almost certainly be better than a project that is improvised.

But that does not make it bad, by any stretch! The core of the story remains! The characters, ALL OF THE CHARACTERS, are more fleshed out and three dimensional. Think about it. Can you name a single word Bofur said in the book? Describe Dwalins personality. What was Kilis hair colour?!

In the book, all the dwarves except Thorin were defined by the colour of their hoods. That’s it!

Here, they’re fucking INDIVIDUALS!

And all of this was done by a guy who “Didn’t know what he was doing”!?

People shouldn’t see that as “Well, that explains a lot” and use it to criticise Jackson. They should see the Hobbit as a shining fucking example of his skill as a director!

Hm… It’s a somewhat unfamiliar feeling, gushing over something and defending it, instead of nitpicking and criticising…

I feel weird now. I think I’ll to go watch some bad movies so I’ll feel comfortable again….


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