WTFAW: Doctor Who (Sort of)

Dave, What the hell is this?

Dave: It’s the basis of a fan theory!

I’m not so sure it is… I think it’s just a stupid picture.

Dave: But look at it! Lady Time Lord! Donna was a timelord!

I know! Anyone who watched the show knows Donna became a time lord. Did you really need to show me this picture to inform me of a plot point in an episode I’ve already seen?

Dave: No, not really… But can’t we talk about it anyway. It COULD be the basis of a theory.

Sure, we can, but if this is a theory, it has no reason to exist.

Dave: Well, couldn’t you say that for all fan theories?

No, that’s not what I mean. Fan theories normally have a purpose. It has an end goal, something it is trying to justify.

People who make fan theories usually follow a very simple (though admittedly very flawed) formula.

Step 1: Make a conclusion

Step 2: Cherry pick facts to justify the conclusion.

Step 3: post it where I will find it, so I can prove it wrong.

Step 4: Rinse and repeat until the end of time.

Here, you’ve jumped straight to Step 2!

There is no reason for this theory to exist, because there is no conclusion for it to justify. Without a predetermined conclusion, the justification has no purpose! This isn’t a theory!

Dave: But clearly this shows they planned this since her first appearance! Her name is proof that we should have seen this coming all along!

Is that the conclusion we’re going with? Ok… ahem….

  1. Donna isn’t Italian for “Lady”. It’s Italian for Woman. The word for Lady is Signora.
  1. The name Temple comes from her marriage. As in, the one she had AFTER she became a time lord/human hybrid and the Doctor wiped her mind.
  1. Nobleman is the term synonymous with “Lord”. The word “Noble” on its own is just an adjective meaning kind, honest, gentle and chivalrous.
  1. Female Time Lords aren’t called “Time Lords”. They’re officially known as Time Ladies. An example of this is Romana, the Time Lady who traveled with the Fourth Doctor.
  1. Temple comes from the Latin word Templum, meaning a shrine, temple, holy place or open area, and has nothing to do what so ever with the word “Tempus or any of the declensions thereof.


Not only does the picture have no reason for existing in terms of making a theory, the theory it might be proposing is incorrect, and exactly everything written in the picture turns out to be untrue.

Isn’t this ironic… I’m writing about a show with a time traveller, and now I desperately wish I had a time machine, so I could get back some of the time I just wasted…

Dave: Well, that’s not how the TARDiS works, because…

Shut up, Dave….

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